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Losing the will to keep fighting blood cancer
I have loved and believe in God since i was 4yrs old life was never the best it was scary but that's why I always tried to be a better person each day but since finding out about my blood cancer follicular lymphoma i had a son when he was seven months i found out i was stage 4 with the follicular lymphoma i have fought and fought to live for that amazing boy of mine this past year and a half everything has went down hill besides sickness i have had people hurt me use me steal from me and lied to get my kid taken from me till i found a place to live since i lost my 3 yr place because of the person who owned the trailer court knew my uncle who rapped me when i was 21 so I've just wonder why i keep getting kicked down when I've always been a good person to people and never used, stole, or talk bad about n e one what can I do to keep going and fighting
Name: Jennifer
City/State: Irvington
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