Prayer Request

Lord through you all is possible!
In general Lord I've tried to be strong I thank you for all your blessing the beauty in this world is too much to give up on however the hardships I've endured lately are weighing on me more than I can handle. your all that gets me through.I love my life so much but the abuse and torture that I've endured through my ex through thieves being thrown out on the streets and now homeless losing my home my vehicles all the money I've worked for being a teacher a loving devoted mother and wife being betrayed by my now EX my family I am alone struggling but I have faith in you Lord being on the streets to avoid being at home with my ex where I was abused and beaten betrayed tortured I sometimes think it's I should have stayed because it's so hard being out here but I couldn't take that abuse anymore. I pray to you please God help me help me off the streets I am not an addict just out here because I couldn't stay n be abused.
Name: Anonymous
City/State: DENVER
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