Prayer Request

Lord let me see your hand
Worries I lay them at your feet, lord let your will be done on earth as it is in heaven, lord I pray over my finances lord I ask for a miracle to be produced in my finances lord you said if I do my part you will do the rest lord I ask that you intervene in my finances I declare and decree multiplication over my finances, rise up and glorify yourself in my finances father Lord, restore the days that the locus and the Conca worms have eaten in my finances, restore my finances, 100 folds lore. You know what I can do, but I can’t do what you can do the Lord I ask that you intervene. I pray over my family love protect and keep them from evil what ever anyone of them is struggling with I ask that you be our strength made in our weakness I pray for unity in our family lord I pray your will be done in my family I pray for healing in my family lord cover each one of us I plead the blood of Jesus over each one of my family member cover us and meet every need. I pray for my mom Janette send love
Name: Ameia
City/State: North Las Vegas, NV, USA
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