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loók over my famíly iñ thís difficult time
Dear God and fellow members of this group I ask you to look over my family as times have been very difficult for us these last 2yrs and moreso from the last 3 months,from heartaches to illness to job loss to separation of family members to bills not being able to be paid to lights being cut off today and possibly getting kicked outta our home of 12 yrs due to job loss ,loss of a family member,to so many in the household being sick,Lord Im asking you to look over,my family and give 7s the strength to pull this,us our family our home back in order where it needs to be and to be able to keep the roof over our head this month and utilities to keep us going to live love and keep our heads above water until we can heal from so much handed to us this we know u won't hand us more than we can handle Lord I ask for a little guidance and support and love for our family as we love and obey and trust in you my God.plzlook over my husband after his back surgery,to heal a quick recovery to be able to feel better and also to be able to provide again as he's done for 30 yrs,also I ask you to look after my daughter Shiane with her ahiv/aids and give her the strength and knowledge and wisdom of her situation that shés just like anyone else out here that her medical condition doesn't make her who she is help her thru her depression and give her the knowledge and ability to want to livé and to take her medication to live and be here for or her siblings and loved ones give her the want to live again lied I ask you.Look after Chris as he's an 18 yr old trying to work after graduation and fixing to begin a chapter n his life for his future in college and give him the financial relief of having to help and try to cover the bills recently that we still aren't able to do quite yet .also plz keep guiding me the right path and keeping me going from one day to the next w all the life pressures and sadness and Illness w my lupus and all w covid and the loss of my father and husband outta work due to surgery.lord I thank u without u I don't think I've made it thru many days as sonetimes I feel like my beings just can't handle anymore like my whole world has fell apart around me somehow u give me the strength the power to go another day and I thank u plz don't let my hand go yet as I still need ur guidance if as nd without u and ur love I'm not so sure if I can keep it my family together in our financial and health situation.plz even if our electrics cut off today and we somehow don't get the financial help we need to keep lights and a roof over our head to keep on going and never give up as we have u beside us every step of the way and ur love and our life is greater than could be asked .Lord thank u for all Uve done for my family and for ur love and Gid we e just lóve you.Thru you with you and for you we live and will continue to.And one more thing I ask u to pray for my son Josh to keep him in ur prayers añd guvé him the knowledge of who he is and confidence in his situation that he needs and the knowledge of where and what goes for him a young man to dying to begin his life as a young man plz keep him for his from any harm ,and the wrong kinda people he needs not to associate with the strength to get thru his rehab he's in .Lord I kñow lately I ask alot for my family,but God tho we r down right now we know with u in our lives and hearts that we can overcome anything.Gid u ask u help us to financially get the help we so need to keep our lifhts from being cut off at noon today,and pay our rent in 2 days for this month and as we are able and heal the sickness and give us the strength to keep going and live for Amen be by . . . . If anyone can help me my lights are being cut off today and rent due on the 27th as we need abit if assistance or we will loose our home of 12 yrs as I know but wT to do as my husband has taken care of this until he got in a accident a d now having 2nd surgery .my address is XXX XXXX XXXX.anything will help and be greatly appreciated.Tnk u Amen u God thank u Lord Connies Family  
Name: Connie Ryals
City/State: Commerce, GA, USA
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