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loneliness, estrangement, marriage communication, physical illness
i know Jesus and love Him and yet I often feel a deep loneliness. I am disabled and cant work, the two friends i thought i had have no time for me anymore. My husband is very hard to communicate with and spend 3/4's of his time out in his shop on hobbies. my 2 kids live far away and neither call me. I know my son cares about me but I also know my daughter would b just as happy if i didnt exist. Have had counseling for feelings about the kids and inability to handle how non existant our relationships are. I am 62 yrs old and have many health issues that can keep me from volunteering and doing things outside the home. Most times i feel unimportant, useless, definitely unneeded. i worked with kids for 26 yrs and loved it- then worked with elderly in nursing home and loved it even more- in activities. Going from loving and being loved by young and old alike to sitting at home- most times alone, is unbearable sometimes. I believe God 's promise to never leave r forsake me and yet, lonelines
Name: Anonymous
City/State: Urbana, OH, USA
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