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I had to buy a replacement car under stressful conditions. I got an older car that has some components that are known to be troublesome. I am asking for prayer that the Lord would protect me and the car and keep it from having any major breakdowns . In addition to having to buy a replacement car I am selling my house as I can no longer afford the upkeep or the necessary repairs. I have a real estate agent who is a Christian for which I am very grateful so I would ask for prayers that he would be led to the place where the Lord wants me to be and after selling my house I would have money left over so I can live a proper life with decent clothes and reduced stress. I belong to a wonderful church and would ask for prayers that once the current situation is resolved that I give more time and money to the church and that I be a blessing to the pastor and the congregation. Thank you.
Name: Bob
City/State: Palm Harbor, FL, USA
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