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Please pray for me and my fience as we are going thru a very very tough time in our lives. We both are addicts struggling with our demons every day. My fience is currently in active addiction with methamphetamine and struggles with the coming down and coming clean stage. He also fights being bipolar, manic depressive, schizophrenic, PTSD and is also epileptic. I have my metal demons as well so together we try to help one another cope with just everyday task and living in general. We both suffer from social anxiety and separation anxiety as well. Some days are worse than others but we do the best we can and use the coping skills that's been taught but sometimes our addiction gets the best of us and that's why we have relapses. The toll the drug itself takes on the brain alone is bad enough but having mental weaknesses and mixing this drug in a long with it well that's a completely different experience in itself. But today I ask for prayers for me and my future husband to be able to continue to have the strength and will power and enough faith to overcome this horrible nightmare that he now is facing being in active addiction. Please pray for me to have the strength and understanding to help him and stand by him and support him thru this nightmare. Thank you for your time and kindness, God Bless!
Name: Sherie Underwood
City/State: Pulaski
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