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Infection spreading to my brain I’ll die if I don’t get money
Please pray I find a way to come up with $67000 to get an infection scraped out of my mouth and get a bone graft and new teeth put in it’s rapidly spreading to my brain it’s millimeters away from my brain now and I don’t have the credit to get financing no one who will help me finance the surgery and no way to come up the that kind of money I’m weeks away from dying from this and can’t do anything about it knowing that I’m going to die because I don’t make enough money and my credit is low it’s a feeling I can’t describe I feel so worthless like my life is doesn’t and never has mattered to anyone my own mom won’t even consider helping me do I deserve this I’m so scared I don’t have any one to ask to help or even anyone to just be with me while I die I’m going to die alone please pray I find a way out of this I don’t want to die alone I don’t want to die when it’s totally preventable if I just had money or credit
Name: Leanna
City/State: Fresno
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any ya can phone email letters video how ever want to live for...


Yes you could pray for me that I find a new r relationship


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