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I’m feeling a void in my chest and i’m liking a woman from churhc.
I'm a christian and i'm 21y, i'm going to a baptist church since past year and i finally become a sheep of our lord Jesus, i abandoned my sins to follow him, i'm serving him in the church and worshiping him, but, since the start of this year...i'm feeling a void, everytime i start to think about that woman i like, she's kind, she's a sheep of God, worships him, sings in the church, well...she treats me pretty well...sometimes we share glances...but she's the timid type and very anxious. I keep praying God to let these emotions vanish away if it's not to be with her, but the more i pray, the more i feel i want to spend my life by her side, that's killing me bit by bit, i'm feeling confused, anxious...we only share ''Hello's'' and ''How are you doing?'', she spend most of her time with her friends in the church, we had a little chat past days, but she always looks anxious chatting. Well...i ask prayer to either these emotions vanish or either God show me if i should be with her.
Name: Anonymous
City/State: Fortaleza - Zone 1, Fortaleza - Ceará, Brazil
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