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I was Raped, and abused. I don’t want to be a victim anymore
Please help me get back on my feet. I worked for West Point Military Academy for 20 plush years, as a cook serving the cadets breakfast lunch and dinner. My supervisor raped and took advantage of me at a time when no one was around. Since then he has been prosecuted. But I still suffer from PTSD, Anxiety and depression. It’s hard for me to work around a lot of people or to even gather in crowds. I am often afraid that he will send someone to harm me. So it’s very difficult for me to leave my house. I wondering if I could get financial help because I am in school to get my bachelors degree in business administration but often times I can’t afford gas for my car or money for food and clean laundry. I lived in a homeless shelter for about a year until I was able to work for a private owned company. I was able to save money and get my own place but now, I’m am worried that my past trauma won’t allow me to stay focused and maintain my apartment. Please help
Name: Anonymous
City/State: Houston, TX, USA
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