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I need to obey God and return to church
I admit that I have not attended church for 13 years. I think I quit attending because I believed lies from the devil that because I had some bad experiences at some churches. I should not trust any churches of attend any church again. I now know I need to return to church, but I want to be sure I am attending where God wants me to, and I do not drive so I need to walk there or take a bus there, so location is important for me, unless somebody would volunteer to drive me to church? Please pray I will do this and find a good church to attend, and that I will not worry at all anymore about any churches I attend at all. I truly believe God is serious about my attending church regularly again. May I find His path in this area and find out and know where God wants me to return to church at.
Name: John
City/State: Minneapolis, MN, USA
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