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I need prayer for my life to get better
Please pray for me as I am really struggling with my mental health about my life. I noticed that I don't feel fulfilled in my life as I feel very lonely, depressed, and unhappy with my life. For example, I lost almost all of my friends in the past years and I would like to have more friends, I went through a bunch of failed relationships and there was one ex crush type of relationship that really brought me down for the past three years and to this day I am scared to open up with men because of that, and I am praying that God will bring me a better man in my life to where my next relationship could be of reciprocated love and long lasting, I am working at a job that I am not happy at and I pray that God will help me find a better job, I still grieve over my dead family members and all I want to do is make them proud but so far I felt as if I failed them, I even did things that were not pleasing to God, but I am praying that God will help me turn away from those sins. Please someone pra
Name: Anonymous
City/State: Greenville, SC, USA
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