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I am in dire need of help please
My name is Lorri, I seriously need help I have been struggling since I left my ex-husband after leaving my ex-husband I've been having all I've been having medical problems and I had a best friend that was helping me and he always stop by and check up on me and all that and come over all the time you know because I was afraid of being alone and something happening to me. Anyway he actually raped me multiple times just a year and a half ago and I have been having the hardest time to deal with it or handle the situation because I lost all my friends because I charged him and I know he's getting threatened my my stuff getting shot or some other ways they got a snake on it that you been getting desperate. But I really need the help my car is breaking down and I'm handicap so I need my car I rather buy a brand new truck than this car or SUV I hate this car cuz it my ex drove it but it in the car but it's Cadillac converter going out. I also need help with me you tell any bills and past new bills I just really really need the help I really need help to get a puppy shih tzu the reason why I mentally can't handle things I just got back from going in mental home to try to get myself stable and I'm not feeling the last Stables now so if I need to fuck me I know that that would help me in so many ways because I lost my baby girl during my divorce and my ex-husband decide to do the divorce during the time I was dealing with my rape and I couldn't go to Oregon to go to court he did it on purpose so he left me with all the debt and then and then some please give me a call let me know if you can at least maybe help me with the dog in the car that would be just such a wonderful thing I you have no idea anyway my phone number is XXX-XXX-XXXX thank you and I hope to hear from you Lori Lee I live in Layton  
Name: Lorri Lee
City/State: Layton
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