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Husband having life saving cancer surgery
My husband is going to have his esophagus rebuilt on June 13 due to cancer. They will be putting him on life support and deflating his lung to be able to get to his stomach in which the will cut in half to rebuild his esophagus. The will also move his feeding his feeding tube from the top of his stomach to the very bottom of the part that is left. They are not sure he is healthy enough to withstand the 8 hour surgery or be able to come back off the ventilator. However if he doesn't have this surgery he will not survive the cancer he has the Radiation they have done has everything killed off enough that they have to do it now for the best out come.. please keep him in your prayers his name is William but goes by Todd.. Thank you!!!🙏😘
Name: Michelle
City/State: Swansboro, NC, USA
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