Prayer Request

Please pray for my husband who has been having a long term affair and it all has come to light. He speaks of divorcing me and potentially marrying her My adult children and I are devastated - he is a Christian and has been in fulltime ministry for over 27 years He is so blinded by the enemy and feels no remorse and no conviction at all. Please pray that he would feel convicted and have true Godly sorrow that will lead to repentance. Please pray that he would be disgusted with this other woman and that she would be disgusted with him. Please pray that ties with one another would be forever severed - please pray for me while I try to do what I need to to protect our home and finances as it is the point that I need to seek legal counsel. I believe in total healing and restoration and that God can bring beauty from ashes if that is His plan. Please pray for healing and restoration in his relationship with his children and grandchildren - they are reeling and so heartbroken
Name: Anonymous
City/State: Oregon
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