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help doing needed home repairs
I lost my father to suicide in 1984, my mother became deeply depressed, so I got an apartment, and raised my 11 yr old brother. my younger sister was sent to a aunt to live with, shortly after that mom passed away. I've been working since I was 15, in 2003 I got tonsil cancer, did chemo/radation in Iowa city, I stayed up there in hotel for 6 months doing my treatments, I was able to come home on the weekends. My cancer moved threw to my lymph nodes, which was surgical removed. 5 years later cancer free but had my first stroke, was in younker rehab 4 months learning how to walk, talk and ect. I'm 55 yrs old live alone, I purchased my home in 2002, but all my savings was used to keep up house payments, trips back and forth io IA city. Now I live on disability. Used my savings to live, but now I need roof repairs,doors and windows, paint outside of house, and walk in tub, so I can safely bath. I can't refinance, low income ratio, have no extra money, very depressed,don't know what to do, I often wonder why did I even try to get better, now I'm broke, and can't even do needed remodeling of my home. Thanks Kathy Beveridge XXX-XXX-XXXX God, Please some help my way  
Name: Anonymous
City/State: Des Moines Iowa
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