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There's so much going on I don't know where to begin I'm a single mother with a 12 year old boy who is special needs and I've been caring for my mother as well it seems as though we had a house fire in 2014 that the hand of God was taken off of my life nothing is right and everything is gone wrong our house has been broken into my mother's health is failed and she ended up dying August 21st of this year now it's just me and my son I haven't been able to work because I've cared for her I've gotten eviction under my name because of last year we had to move after the landlord sold her property and the realtor company did not care they wouldn't work with me or even let my mom breathe on her oxygen machine the day we had to move they did not let her breathe now I'm alone and I've lost her income and I've lost my best friend and I'm grieving and so is my son I don't have any friends I don't have family I don't date I'm alone and I'm scared and I need help I need somebody to hold me
Name: Jenna
City/State: Columbus
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