Prayer Request

Hello im in a very sticky predicament which makes my faith waiver more than it ever has before. There's instances in my life where Im convinced the best things that happens in my day comes from God but im so attacked that its difficult to understand why his child has to hurt so much. My worry for my child is immense, I only want her safety and happiness but how do i find myself in a situation where im not sure if i can provide this because of what the demons in the world with their voices wants something totally different, i feel like any action from me will take me from her completely but my inaction is powerful as well, most definitely working against us both. Please pray for me and my little girl, 10 year old Amaria, we need strength, wisdom, courage, protection and reassurance. God Bless us ALL. In Jesus' name of course. Thankyou
Name: Shermela
City/State: Texarkana, TX, USA
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