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Health issues
Please pray that I will get help fast with my disabilities. I suffer every day badly. My Father above is always faithful and just. I know HE sees me in the condition I'm in and I haven't had income in a couple years. I go to my disability appeal trial on March 10th and my hope is we give all my information on my mental and physical health issues that have disabled me for many years now. I am having symptoms throughout my body due to my neck and back that could be potentially paralyzing. I need immediate help. I pray the judges heart will soften for me and all that I face in my life on a daily basis due to my health issues. I need surgeries and I can't get them and that will leave me paralyzed if I don't get the help I need. And I have no income. I am really scared at what's been happening to me so fast. Please dear Lord, bless me with this gift of disability insurance that will help me to get better. Thank you so much for your prayers. Love Hannah Faith
Name: Anonymous
City/State: Whiteville,nc
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