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Health, financial issues, & home repairs.
Lord help keep me healthy, help me find someone that can repair my main bathroom floor and find the money to install a walk-in tub. Iam 80 years old and with my fixed income ond mobility issues I cannot do it myself. If i get into the bsth tub my wife needs to get the fire dept here to get me out. I have in the lasty two years had a minor stroke, two stints for my heart, had the main artery valve replaced. Five years ago I had a nerve charger placed in my back from an auto accident in 1991. I also have chronic COPD and cannot walk hardly at all. I have stage 4 kidney disease in my one kidney I have left and take diyalist 3 times a week. I am at a lost as where to turn to next.
Name: Anonymous
City/State: Mandeville
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