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health, family & work environment
I have recently been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis... patiently waiting to get in to see a specialist but am currently taking medication. I'm just so tired and achey all of the time.... I am 53 & used to going & doing! Prayers for my parents, my dad is 80 & confined to a hospital bed at home after a terrible wreck last June. My mom, 75, is his caregiver and she is TIRED! They do have home health & physical therapy twice a week but it's still hard for both of them. WORK..... I am the bookstore manager at a community college. I truly love what I do & the majority of the people I work with but 3 years ago new administration came in and boy do they have an AGENDA. Over 100 employees have either quit, "retired" or been let go since these new people came here. This is a very small school where employees are like family. No one leaves until they officially retire! The last 3 years have been very trying. Pray for God to reign over our campus...not satan. Thank you & GOD BLESS! :)
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