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Healing prayers for my husband and our family
My husband, Tony, had a stroke 3 yrs ago. He was only 54 & it paralyzed his left side & it affected his eyes and his throat. We have had every test run on him & there is nothing to explain how this stroke happened. He developed extreme dizziness 1 yr after his stroke & we cannot find anything to make it go away. Pls pray for his complete healing. Also, my husband had his own AC/Heating business he started 32 yrs ago. After his stroke he put our son, Michael, in charge of overseeing the jobs onsite since Tony could no longer physically do it. My son has taken my husband off the LLC as President of the company & has completely made sure that my husband is completely out of the business. He did this behind our backs & left us with no income. Our kids have left us with nothing. We are struggling, & they don't care. There's more to the story. Most of all it hurts that our own child would do something intentionally out of greed. I know the power of prayer& really appreciate it. RLB
Name: Robin
City/State: Magnolia
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