Prayer Request

Healing from sickness and disease to get back to work to provide.
I need prayer for healing and for good results when I get them back I took all types of tests I hope the come back good. I don’t want any diseases or anything. I’ve been sick for a while now it’s gotten worse I don’t know what’s going on but it’s stopping me from going to work and I can’t support myself or my family. I have no money. I do have jobs calling but no energy or physical strength or wellness to get up. I look online and it says all types of things I’m focused on God but it’s a long scary journey. I need peace and positivity. My mind is going crazy and I’m depressed. I just need help and prayer please and thanks I have to nephews I’m trying to teach to become men of God which is hard being unable to do anything but lay here sick and tired I’m ready for a change. I hope God hears my cries and my changes I made to get better for the people I love. I know he has y back and I trust him and but shouldn’t be said and sadly it’s just so hard. But I’m not giving up.
Name: Dedrick
City/State: Port Arthur, TX, USA
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