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Healing for my son
Hi Good morning God Bless. May someone please pray for my son's health please. He gets sick with colds flus viruses very easily and if he develops a fever there is a chance he can go into a febrile seizure in which I have to take him to the hospital. The doctor says these sicknesses are normal but I don't agree. I want to see the power of God move and see my son healthy happy and most importantly Holy thriving and living his life. He misses too much school and sometimes summer camp from being sick so frequent. I'm praying God strengthen his immune system in the name of Jesus Christ and that God gives me wisdom on what I need to add to his diet to increase great immunity. Daily I give him zinc vitamin c echneca elderberry gummies but still he gets sick. Thank you kindly for your prayers and time today. My son's name is Josiah he's 10 years old. Take care.
Name: Michelle
City/State: Hayward, CA, USA
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