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Healing and Reconcilliation
My wife has been through trauma this past year. She left me and the four kids to help a friend. I pushed and pulled to get her to come home, but in my desperation became manipulative and threatening and pushed her further away. She now wants a divorce. All of our friends (most of whom are "her" friends of the family) see the trauma she has been through and see how she has changed and rewrote history. They all support reconciliation, but she will not listen to anyone except her deceased mother who tried to split us apart for 20 years, whose voice has now been joined by her father. Pray for healing for my wife's trauma. Pray for wisdom for the one voice she still listens to. Pray for her to hear the guidance of all her friends. Pray for reconciliation, forgiveness, trustworthiness, and trust.
Name: Q
City/State: Wilmore
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