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Thank you. I know that Prayers Change People and People Change Things. I was starting a post on Twitter saying that my LinkedIn pals used to pray for me before court hearings (insurance company destroyed my home and poisoned me when my roof blew off in 2019; it's been brutal litigation, lawfare, threats and worse. No lawyers in California would represent me, and a few cheated me. Now the doctors are extremely alarmed at what could be a life threatening medical condition as a result of mold and mycotoxin exposure they caused and covered up. (Some of the defense team actually hiss at me like demons in the court room... I have to stay prayed up.) I have Court Tuesday morning and medical appointment Tuesday afternoon. I pray that God's will is done my life, and if I can be of service to others experiencing the same thing, HERE I AM LORD, USE ME. #GodBlessAmerica & #DeliverUsFromEvil
Name: Linda
City/State: Yucca Valley, CA, USA
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