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My son is having a horrible time. He has had two plus years of stress and problems. It just gets worse and worse no matter how much we pray. He started out with diabetes and is a heavy equipment operator and so lost his job ..then stress, depression and horrible anxiety issues happened...he was in hospital with diabetic wounds when his dad died with covid and missed that..then ended up in a hospital for depression and anxiety..for weeks and weeks nothing got better.. a nurse stole his debit card out of the safe and used it and when he found out it was a real probem getting it all took care.....she was fired.......then medication helped some..then heart issues developed and he had three stents put in his heart...his medications were being adjusted and he had a spell of really low blood pressur, fell and injured his arm a pinched nerve in his neck and was in ICU for 9 days.cannot use his left arm at all...cannot have surgery because of the stents until months in rehab ..
Name: Anonymous
City/State: lafayette
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Prayer Requests


Please pray for my son and family.


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