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My granddaughter was raised in the church & knows better, she had parents with addictions & was raised by me. Her father is deceased from addiction & mom is clean, however I am the person she always called her safe place & now she attacks me emotionally, claims to not believe in God, is interested in witchcraft and voodoo arts & is very mean to me who raised her. She experimented with a drug on a trip with me & family (she has become infatuated with my daughter in law who allows her daughters (my grandchildren to do anything including providing them with marijuana and letting them run free in festivals, one has already been drugged and raped once) but that same cousin got her whatever the drug was & she went into manic episodes for 16 hours that I had to deal with. The experience has devastated me, and she thinks that is okay & is pushing me away. I just need serious prayer for God to reel My granddaughter Paige in & bring her back to God.
Name: Anonymous
City/State: Camdenton
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