Prayer Request

God make me stronger and heal my body
For god to show deaudre house my oldest granddaughter that he can and will punish her for the way she treated me and I raised her from a baby and she turned the 14 year old against me and then they both left I need to know know what I did and I want god to renew my salvation so that I can go to heaven I love god very much but I need closure I told deaudre not to ever come back I will be 60 this year and I can’t and couldn’t keep food down cause of nerves when she was here i miss Bryonna the youngest one it’s like a death in my heart
Name: Anonymous
City/State: Columbus, MS, USA
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Prayer Requests


Generational curse specially very personal


I'm asking anyone who sees this to pray for my wife Lidia Bair....

friends, relatives, myself

Please pray for Lisa just had both breast removed because of cancer praying...