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That I find a job. One that will meet my obligations as well as paying off my parents debt and making repairs to their home. That my health will improve and I am able to get back to the way I was in all regards. That I stay on the path that God wants and has laid before me. That I might always be of service to him and to others. I don't pray for things to work out between me and the person that I love dearly, that I thought was my soulmate. It seems God doesn't want that for me. I just want to be happy again and healthy and have meaningful employment and to take care of my parents home as it deserves to be taken care of. I pray God forgive me for my many sins and help me forgive myself because I can't forgive myself for the mistakes I've made. That I be there for anyone who is in need and may be a light to them and help bring them to God. That I always be a dutiful servant to God and that I may one day be worthy to join him in heaven. May I always be grateful for the blessings I have
Name: Diana
City/State: Gresham, OR, USA
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