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Fraudulent Foreclosure
My parents Richard and Karen are great people. They've been faithfully married for 42 years and have had six kids together. Five boys and one girl. We are truly a blessed family. I'm 21 their youngest son writing this. My dad worked hard pinching pennies and building this house himself. While my mom stayed home and took care of us. We attend our local church almost every Sunday. We understand and have witnessed the power of prayer. Especially in great numbers, that is why I am doing this. My parents are going through a fraudulent foreclosure. Unfortunately, I can't discuss the details of this. I ask that you would please pray for my parents who are in trial today, and lift them up. If you're not comfortable praying for my parents without more details I understand. I simply ask that you would pray for the best and most just outcome. I also would like to request that the judge overseeing this case to be lifted up, unbiased, and see the truth and facts. Thank you everyone. Godspeed.
Name: Anonymous
City/State: Lake Helen, FL, USA
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