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Find chips and relationships
I am praying for my my relationship friendship with a guy that I am in love with and I pray for us in front of mine she is in a circumstance that she doesn't have nowhere to go and she needs a place to go I also am asking for prayers for her father as well and help him to see his mistakes everyone around him to see their mistakes also I am praying for myself to help me everybody thinks I'm a terrible friend and I am asking for prayers for physical changes to change where everyone just wants to be around me but cause me Faith and cost me this but still wants to be around me I understand why but I want God to come in and change situation I also am asking the prayers for my kids and my dog I am also asking for curious for some friends to see what I am a good person we are actually in his face of dating stuff that he doesn't see that everybody else message with the life and that he's not saying everybody so he can see that you know his past friendships this past relationships I'm not his f
Name: Anonymous
City/State: Albany
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