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Financial miracle
I'm going through a separation and although I would love for God then still back in my wife's heart where she was playing with witchcraft and broke the spell that she used with ill will in her heart for her to fall back in love with me God can't change somebody's heart it has to be of their own I have 12-year-old son me and him we're having a scrape and scrounge to come up with money to get this camper that I don't even have a way to pull I need a home with trucks about to break down I need a new vehicle I won't back on my feet my credit sucks I can't get a loan I'm learning how to do everything on my own again and I've never been a single parent I've always had somebody that I helped along the way build themselves up and usually in the end I pay the price but this time in my marriage it was my fault neither one of us truly put ourselves back into working on it I felt like she was already gone and I was stuck within the walls of the prison of my own sin. My family needs healing and fin
Name: Anonymous
City/State: Hendersonville
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