Prayer Request

Please pray that I can hang on until I receive access to a small portion of my pension in September. I have been financially ruined by my family from years of helping them. I have pushed back most of my creditors until September when I receive my funds but I am in desperate need of $3,800 now to pay off some individuals I turned to out of desperation. We are welcoming our first grandchild in October but I fear the stress will kill me and I won’t be around to see him. The stress is keeping me up at night, I have lost 4 teeth and I find myself asking God not to wake me because I don’t think I can bare another day like this. I have been everywhere for help but my credit score is too low and nobody can help me with this type of debt. I pray a miracle comes my way. I will receive the funds 9/15 but fear I will not make it until then. If only God could bring an Angel to my door that would offer me help
Name: Bernadette
City/State: Newark, OH, USA
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