Prayer Request

Family I need my family to be reunited I need God to bless my family .
I need God to turn things around in my marriage I need to God to put my marriage together I wanna chord walking the holy ghost loving each other being full of god's glory full of god's mission on the move forgot going forward in mission work evangelistic work professor gifting and call ministrative assistant under my husband and also walking as 1st lady married to my husband married intimacy between me and my husband communication that's great between In my husband trust between me and my husband and also the blessing lower make it rich between me and my Business ministry Career family and ministry And finances I need God to bring our marriage together we get married this summer and all the blessings of the Lord make it to reach and address no star with it concerning me in my marriage and my communion with my husband I want to be smooth sailing and I want the Lord to bless on you Please Bless me and my husband and my Union.
Name: Savona
City/State: Fayetteville NC
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