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Hi I have a friend she has two kids and two friends that are males there is one the both are in love but there is a female that is very toxic. Drama she bullies my friend and he cannot seem to see that she is no good to him even his friends there is another male he is looking for love all the wrong places getting scammed and used my friend bought them in because they needed a place to crash but now all of them are treating her poorly unfairly giving her the cold shoulders. My friend is a very sweet got a good heart but they are labeling her and her children bad she is a very independent woman. She struggles here and there also it's because these firends of hers there friends got funds transportation everyday they gotta party or bring some type of drama this female makes the dramas I need prayers so that my friend friends can let go of these toxic females and friendships and relationships. Outta there life's
Name: Anonymous
City/State: Georgia, IN, USA
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