Prayer Request

Need prayers for my neighbors they have been coming up to my door day or night to randomly saying random things and being disrespectful and trying to pick an argument with me that I don't even know what's going on my other neighbors probably know that is going on so I pray for them bc this not the first time they have done this so God can expose them been getting tired of it me and my best fiend want to move. And so God can open up my best friend eyes because he has fake friendships and fake reationships around him and surrounding him evil spirits have taken over my home my life my children's life my church sisters they started to act strange towards me my family and mom been acting. Strange my mom. Hasn't been a great supporter she have been treated me differently no matter what I do isn't enough for her she been lecturing and putting me down sense she been helping thing's been really strange lately people acting like I don't exist
Name: Anonymous
City/State: Albany
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