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Hi I have a friend he isn't talking to. Me at the moment. Because of a girl she is sabotaging our friendship and relationship there is a friend she is also using me. Things for me have been upside down. Ive been treated poorly. Been treated. Unfairly. Been having. Friendship problems dramas. Gossipers. Friends family parents people places and things on both sides treating me spreading false information about me and my three babies. Been having fincial problems. Eveyone just being bullied to me. Lying to one another. Making up stories about me. Giving me a hard time. Giving me the cold shoulders I'm in a situation. Where. I am. Being. Used. Neglected by firends family. My life is a mess. I'm hurt. I'm in a dark place. My life isn't moving. To better and bigger things I'm stuck In the same situations same dramas ECT. My life is on pause. And I need prayers and god to. Come and do something about this. Whole thing. Thank you have a blessed day
Name: Anonymous
City/State: Ga
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