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I am estranged from my son 20 for over a year now. I had a problem with alcohol and I snapped at his GF and asked them both to move out of my house. I regretted the decision immediately but the damage was done. My words were cross and he left and never came back and blocked me and will not forgive although I have begged them both and even apologized to her mother for my harsh words. I was not in a good place then. I no longer drink and have been in much therapy. I pray and pray and beg and cry for my son to talk to me. I miss him so badly and love him. I place no blame on him and I am very remorseful and want to repair it. Please pray to soften his heart to me his momma and please give me grace and let me repair this so him and I can have a rea relationship. I know I made mistakes as a parent but I tried so hard and I cant even forgive myself for hurting him in any way. I am depressed and sad and rarely have had a great day on 13 months. Thank you so much.
Name: Anonymous
City/State: Swartz Creek
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