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Entering kingdom/overcoming & finacial miracle
Prayer Great awakening Portland. for the Spirit of Truth & Conviction on John; & /gratefulness on DJ/AG [& perfect baby and baby birth]; & the Spirit of Reconciliation with God Almighty, & family 2 Corinthians 5:11-21 & a wife & favor for JG pay off all bills [financial miracle] deliverance/salvation, additionally including DD & GS for transcendental grace to overcome as in rev. 2:7; to put first the kingdom and righteousness, with Acceleration & Momentum; also 1st john 3:2 to be like Jesus and see Jesus as he is; & to only live in and speak from the Spirit. To enter into ministry with miracles and wonders as in 2nd Corinth 12:12... to begin now with Regeneration/Rejuvenation from Jesus! with deep heart felt conviction and repentance and a job for JE. Not take offense [humility] & no record of wrongs [lowliness of heart & meekness]. To win/ resolve all legal disputes! !
Name: Gordon
City/State: Portland,
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