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Drug and Human Traffickers
Prayer Team, I have unexpectedly relocated from a far away place after a terrifying experience with a friend who let evil consume him. I packed up my belongings in 5 minutes and fled for my life. I hope to find a faith community someday but am still in hiding for my own protection. I am reaching out to request prayer for my friend Simba (alias name-he really identified with this character from Lion King) who lives in a far away state. He has come to idolize evil. I’m not sure why but it has taken over his thinking and he has now conspired to do horrifically evil things to me and others. If I have ever seen a possessed person it’s Simba. I have tried to deal with him legally, logically, as a friend, offering forgiveness, confrontational and through personal influence. I'm a capable person and have made no noticeable impact on him. My experience with his evils has pushed me to God. Nothing else has worked. He is at dangerous point. I know he has had at least two great Ch
Name: Anonymous
City/State: Sacramento, CA, USA
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