Prayer Request

door opening for a Video proving my innocence
Please pray for the following people to have dreams or the lord will give them a conscience, about following the law and ordering those they are in charge of to release the video of a Dulles airport of Younis Abdelrahman Slamming his body into me and denying my walker wheel chair medical equipment, they are Chief David Huchler of Metropolitain Washington Airport Authority, Officer Benjiman Vardiman of MWAA, Officer L. Bell of MWAA, Maria Matthews, who is trying to help, Monica R. Hargrove who also in charge of MWAA officers, none are following the FOIA Laws for Freedom of Information 5 days to respond and 20 days to deliver the Surveillance video showing my innocence, I have also contacted Office or Secretary of Transportation, and have emailed with Officer Peter Cacioppo, who also needs to order MWAA to release the video because it is law. I am innocent of Misdemeanor1/ assault and battery and put my hands out to stop Mr. A. from bouncing off my 285 lbs. body with his 130 lbs.
Name: Anonymous
City/State: Woodstock, VA, USA
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