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Divine intervention n protection
You know I am at a halfway house, I live in a room usually with six others, one unfortunately was taken back to jail. He has the same background as me in offense. There is a individual who is very judgmental, disrespectful, crude and rude a womaniser-monger. He is passive aggressive in comments will not be a man and say it to your face. Since the other guy who he detest is gone. His passive aggressive behavior is on me now. I want to see God's divine intervention and this person's foundation so shaken that it causes him to turn to God. That all demonic spirits attached to this person be bound up and cast back to hell . That I am covered and protected as the righteous shall not be moved. I will not tolerate any abusive behavior so God needs to intervene and this person stop all passive aggressive behavior and if needed be removed. Thank you Mike McCart 3073655098
Name: Michael
City/State: Cheyenne
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