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Disrespectful Daughter, Serious Health & Financial Issues
Pray for my daughter to come to her senses. She's being very disrespectful to me. She's unreasonable & blaming me for everything in her life that didn't go well, but things she's saying are not true. She's blocked me on FB & threatening me. Over my wanting to go see her on the day of her marriage by a JP & having an Immediate family & friends party at her house after. She can NOT understand WHY I want to come. It should be obvious. She's my ONLY daughter & I love her. She's trashing me to people & hurting me badly. Who's more immediate family then her Mom? My health has been bad for some time now mostly starting Jan/Feb 2018. I was very sick & have never got my strength back. On top of that I have many health issues. Doctors have no clue & don't seem to try, other than saying I have chronic fatigue syndrome. We're broke, in high debt & in our 70's. Life's very hard for us now. I'm very depressed. If she keeps doing this, I fear she'll go too far & there will be no coming back ever.
Name: Anonymous
City/State: Kingman, AZ 86409
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