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Disability payment
I have an adult son who is in the mental health system. I am his mother and his guardian and the US treasury did not post his disability payment which is never happened when I called Social Security they couldn’t see any reason for an overpayment which they said so I am asking that God restore his money. If it happens next month, we will lose my Internet, possibly my house and a place for us to be in my car because I will not be able to make my payment. She lives with me so I use his Social Security and mind combine for us to live and pay bills. Please pray I feel fear all around me, but I just listen to Pastor Drews message, which was excellent , his name is Ryan. Thank you. I am what you were calling Car, caring Christian believer. I just streamed your message the last couple of weeks. Please pray that God will restore his Social Security so I may be able to pay my bills.
Name: Kathleen
City/State: Grand Rapids, MI, USA
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