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Did god tell me?
I know that god told me to keeping loving the man that I indeed still do love very much but sometimes I wonder if I made it up In my head or if he really did. It was almost 4 years ago now and it was when I was leaving the town he lives in to move an hour north to stay at my parents house. He said that I was supposed to stay here and him there so that he could work on us individually so that when we get back together this time that it would be the last time cause it would work out finally and we could be happy again . He said don’t listen to the world listen to me ….keep loving him …he loves you too but he’s afraid because no one has ever really loved him right before and he doesn’t know what to do. Which I also think is true myself . And for sure my own relationship with god has definitely become extremely vivid which is only because of jamie (the one I’m talking about) and I do think he’s my soulmate which is crazy because the night we met years ago and many break up get back togeth
Name: Anonymous
City/State: Willis, TX, USA
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