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Desperately seeking God’s powerful almighty miracle blessings
🙏🙏😭😭😭My desperate urgent prayers requests that I'm deeply deeply deeply desperately seeking urgently for god to make sure that my INTAKER MR JOSE ARMANDO CRUZ who's in charge of my case for my cityfheps for God to speak through Mr JOSE ARMANDO CRUZ mind and heart to permanently for Mr Jose ARMANDO Cruz to speak to his supervisor to speed up my process for my recertification applications for a RELOCATIONS APPROVAL to moved from where I'm living into a brand new large Two bedroom apartment BUILDING 🏢 💰 🔑 for my daughter Alexsina castel to immediately asap desperately seeking for God to place his powerful almighty miracle blessings deliverance hands upon my RECERTIFICATIONS desperately seeking for God to speak to my case manager to reach out to me for a brand new VOUCHER MONEY BENIFIT for my daughter and I to start looking forward to moving permanently starting now for God to take full control over my case and cleans my pathway to rebuked and removed completely all COMPLICATIONS
City/State: Bronx ny
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