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I feel like I'm at my wits end with everything, including my Faith. I'm in the military. 2023, I feel like everything has gone downhill. Work has given me enough stress to a point where I'm having to schedule therapy now, my senior leadership has been over-utilizing me to where I'm barely seeing my family, Regardless of anything I do, whether right or easy, I'm getting yelled at, I'm overworked, underappreciated. There have been changes made I disagree with and has negatively impacted morale. For almost a year now, my wife and I have BARELY been making it financially. She's been out of work for almost a year so it's been just my paycheck. She's been trying to find a job, and it seems like every time any opportunity she has gets shut down before she starts. I'm struggling with stress, anger, depression, and even questioning my faith and where the Lord is in this. So We feel like we're drowning and we have no way of staying a float. I'm really at a breaking point...
Name: Jaymew
City/State: Fort Drum, NY, USA
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