Prayer Request

I ask that you pray for my daughter, Lisa. She is on drugs and it's so bad. Please pray for me, because of me trying to help my daughter and her husband, I lost my home, my job, my car and personal belongings. I have so much anger in me and I keep praying the God will take away the anger and help me to forgive. Pray for my son and his wife, she has cancer, her name is Shirley and my son is Brian. I have been in a deep depression for a long time. I did not expect old age to be like this, I want to do things but I'm so tired all the time. I can't stand feeling like this. My husband passed away 30 years ago. I worked 2 & 3 jobs sometimes to take care of my children. I've always worked hard and a lot, so feeling this way is depressing. My son-in-law killed himself in 2014. Please pray for us all. Thank you!
Name: Becky
City/State: Vicksburg
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Prayer Requests


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