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Daughter with stage 4 cancer
My 37 year old daughter was dx with stage 4 Thymoma which has spread to the lining of her lung and the main lymph node. She is starting chemo next week to try to shrink it enough to have surgery to remove it. She has 3 auto immune diseases so her body is already under attack and I am praying that she has the strength to fight this. Please ask God to wrap his loving arms around her and protect her and to place his hands on her and give her a miracle, removing all of the cancer. Ask him to give her strength and peace during the upcoming treatments and surgery and ask him to take all of the cancer from her. She is so precious and such a wonderful, kind, compassionate woman and she needs prayers to help her make it through all she is about to endure. Thank You
Name: Anonymous
City/State: Edgeley
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sorry there wasnt enough room but back to my story david now suffers...


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